HP Cut Price of the TouchPad to $99

After a few days of announcement from HP that they will soon stop retailing webOS hardware, HP company has reduced the price of the TouchPad tablet.

According to PreCentral, HP has sent messages to its affiliates that the company will be lowering the price of the TouchPad starting from saturday 8/20/11. HP also request them to post the information as soon as it goes live because this is the lowest price ever for the TouchPad.

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Apple Knock Down Fake Apple Stores in New York.

According to the latest reports, Apple is actively shutting down the knock-off stores located in the Chinatown section of queens, New York.

Reuters says that after their request, U.S District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto has asked for the court records unsealed and which indicate that Apple has taken action against the two stores which retail fake gear with the company distinctive logo.

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Leaked Photo of iPhone 5 with Elongated Home Button?

A leaked photo with an elongated home button has been out online indicating Wintek manufacturing an iPhone 5. M.I.C Gadget on their site says that someone has tweet on Sina Microblog asserting that this pic should eventually be taken in the Wintek touchscreen plant.

M.I.C also reports that they believe about the leaked photo has been taken from Wintek plant as because Foxconn will never leak an image like this. Well even the site is not 100% sure as whether the pic was taken from Wintek but assure us that it is not from Foxconn.

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Apple to Release iPhone 5 on September 7th?

Japanese site Kodawarisan has made known that the cupertino company Apple will be holding media event on September 7th to release the upcoming iPhone 5. MacRumors also agreed with the Japanese site that the date has came from the reliable source.

MacRumors also add that Apple for the past three years has held the media event in the first week of September. Apple has intoduced new iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle models in the last year media event.

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China Authorities Locates Another 22 Fake Apple Stores

According to the reports from the latest development, Chinese authorities in Kunming has succeeded in locating another 22 fake Apple Stores after the huge publicity from the media which exposed the illegal retailers were found copying the official Apple Stores.

Here, the China’s Administration for Industry and Commerce from the Yunnan province reports that they have warn and also asked them to immmediately stop using Apple’s logo. This act from the Administration official took off as when Apple China accused the unauthorised stores of unjust competition and also violating its registered trademark.

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Google Released Games on Google+ with Angry Birds

Yesterday, Google has made known Games in Google+ with Angry birds and that has been considered as one of the first title avialble to start playing. Google says that they had announced yesterday about Rovio working hard to extend its Angry Birds franchise to as large platform as possible.

Google says that with the Google+ project, they wants to include the nuance and experience of real-life sharing to the web. Google also wants to create playing games online as much fun as possible and more meaningful like playing in real life.

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iOS 5 Beta 6 Planned for August 18th

iCloudil seems to have locate a file in iOS which looks to recognise date of forthcoming firmware versions as reported by 9to5Mac.

9to5Mac site says that at first they thought as a static file in iOS which they seems to have correctly guess the earlier iOS 5 Beta 5 update and that has turns out to be the one which Apple can modify remotely.

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Need for Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed for iDevice

Electronic Arts has launched Need for Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It include so many new features and customization from the pervious game app. Now you can see rubber on fire as you race your way to the top spot of the scoreboard. Sign up to avail selective cups, leaderboards and also get yourself a free NFS cash.

Now race through the thick forest, deserts and the waterfronts and high landcape as you race to the finish line. The SHIFT 2 Unleashed for iOS comes with amazing graphics and real like racing experience. Race yourself into this amazing game with realistic racing control which ignites the visceral velocity at the speed of 200mph.

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Facebook Messenger App Release for iPhone

Facebook has launched Facebook Messenger, a standalone messging application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Facebook messenger developed by Facebook, Inc. is the quickest way to message or reach out friends on their phones. You can recieve instant message or sent message quickly to everyone at once and more.

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