Avengers Blu Ray To Be Accompanied By iOS App

Avengers Blu ray

The Avengers was loved by all of us as everybody was happy to see so many super-heroes together. After rocking movie theaters around the world, the super-hero movie is headed to a Blu Ray release.

Marvel Studios wish to try something interesting with the presentation. They will be releasing an iOS app designed to be used along with the movie itself.

The Avengers Initiative: A Marvel Second Screen App will be featuring new information on the movie, its characters and production crew. Not only that, it would also feature interactive comics and other video content designed to work with the film itself.

The app will be updated with new content every other week at first, and then weekly leading up to the release itself.

“Second screen” viewing is a growing trend in mobile tablets. It does not sound like this app will specifically interact with the movie while you are watching it. However, it is definitely meant to be used while watching, and there are technologies around and on the way to make that type of multiple-interaction viewing happen.

The Avengers broke all kinds of records at the box office. The Blu Ray disc should be out on 25 September 2012, with the app coming sometime this month.

I loved this movie and wished I could play Thor in this movie. Iron Man and Thor were my favorite.

Which super-hero did you like most in this movie? Post your comments.

Source: TUAW

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