Average User Spends $80 On iPhone Apps

A research conducted by AppsFire shows that the average user has spend $80 on applications for the iPhone (or iPod touch). There are about 1.200 iPhone users that use the AppsFire service.This service can be used to notify friends and others what your favorite apps are. The average user has 65 applications on the iPhone, 15.000 are unique and have an average price of $1,99.

If that price is used as an average (numbers from AdMob) than Apple has earned more than 400 million dollars. The research was done in July and August under 1.200 AppsFire users. Almost 50% of that group is American and the rest comes mostly from France and Japan.

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  1. Interesting.
    I guess its confession time and I’ll be one of the first to raise my arm and admit to slowly spending a few notes here and there.
    A dollar here, a dollar there, here a dollar, there a dollar, everywhere a..well you get the idea.

    It just goes to show how well designed the iTunes store is. A few minutes browsing the store and I find myself drawn towards an app that..somehow a few minutes ago..even though I never heard of, I suddenly need.

    I also just spent a few minutes, while writing this reply, on testing out my new app’s, whether they be app’s for reading the newspapers or playing a new game, than I do actually searching the web, whether its on my i-Phone, laptop or any other web enabled device that I may have. For me this means the i-Phone is slowly starting to become the “new” Google.
    How many of you now, especially while using your i-Phone, will actually open up Safari and search for a local drinking spot as opposed to opening up an app that deals directly with your query? For example Urbanspoon?

    After all the Apple i-Phone logo is:

    “..there’s an app for that.”

    An interesting challenge for the readers. If we all willing to go ahead and see how much we’ve spent in the last 6 months to see if we fall in the “average I-Phone user” category.

    Its very easy to do:
    1. Open up iTunes.
    2. Click on the iTunes store.
    3. Click on your “Account”
    4. Add the total expenditure up..

    ..and voila there it is in all its glory. The total of how much you’ve spent.

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