Avoid This Fake Microsoft Word 2012 For iPhone

Fake Microsoft Word 2012

Many iOS users are waiting patiently for Microsoft’s Office productivity suite to finally make its App Store debut. Microsoft is maintaining its silence on the subject.

However, some recent reports have claimed that Office for iOS will arrive this year. Some developers have taken advantage of that speculation and begun making their own “MS Office” products.

Microsoft Word Logo

The fake knockoff apps that try their hardest to look like Microsoft’s own Office products and they just to trick you into handing over your cash. The latest fake app among such apps is called “Microsoft Word 2012’ by Super Racing Real Games.

No only does this app looks a little like MS Word, but the fact that it is called “Microsoft Word 2012’ means its intentions are obvious. This developer is clearly taking advantage of everyone’s desire for a real MS-Office suite by producing a knockoff. So far, those who have been fooled by the name and the screenshots were lucky because the app was free. However, now its price is $9.99.

Admittedly, in its description, this app claims to be more of a guide to Word, rather than Word itself. However, its icon and screenshots make its intentions to fool you pretty clear.

Even as a guide, this app is terrible. Its instructions are unclear and poorly written. Nor there are any screenshots to help you learn. Thus, you better avoid this app and save your money.

How this app made its way through Apple’s approval process with that name is still a mystery.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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