Backing-Up Your iPhone’s Unlock Activation Ticket With RedSn0w [TUTORIAL]

RedSn0w SAM Unlock Backup

iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd once suggested that you should back up your iPhone’s activation ticket. His team has made it even easier to perform such a backup using the latest version of RedSn0w.

This step has been suggested for those who are familiar with recently uncovered SAM iPhone unlock method. If you followed the last tutorial to unlock your phone, we can suggest you follow through on preserving your activation ticket as well.

Following video shows the full procedure of a tutorial that explains how easy it is to successfully backup your iPhone’s unlock activation ticket, and any other file that you want to save locally from your iPhone:

Now that you have seen the video, we can explain the full procedure to you. However, before we start, we want to warn you that your iPhone must be jailbroken to follow this procedure and have afc2 installed (most jailbreaks like RedSn0w and Corona include this by default). You are doing this at your own risk. If something goes wrong, you cannot blame us for that. So be careful while following this procedure.

STEP 1 – Open RedSn0w 0.9.10b8. Now click Extras > Even more > Backup

STEP 2 – Leave the default directory in the “Please a path to backup” field. Click OK after that.

STEP 3 – RedSn0w will save off a timestamped zip file of your /var/root/Library/Lockdown directory to the same location where RedSn0w is installed on your computer.

This feature is mainly aimed at saving off the necessary files from this directory. However, there is nothing that stops you from using it to backup other files as well.

Have you backed up your activation ticket? Did you find this procedure helpful?

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