Baidu, Apple To Share Revenue On iPhone Search


We reported earlier that Apple was planning to make Baidu, the default search engine on its iOS devices in China.

It is not possible for people in China to use Google due to various restrictions the all-powerful, evil Chinese government has imposed on Google. Baidu has the backing of Chinese government and therefore, iPhone users in China have to choose Baidu over Google, despite all the incompetence of Baidu that has been mentioned in our earlier reports.

As Apple accepted the might of Baidu in China due to commercial reasons, Baidu is going to give Apple, a financial reward.

Bloomberg has reported that Apple and Baidu, the Chinese search engine, will be sharing advertising revenue. Baidu said that it is similar to contracts established with Google for its Android operating system. According to Bloomberg, Baidu is used in 80% of the web searches performed in China, and will be included in iOS 6.

Source: TUAW

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