Ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab unfair?

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Ever since the legal battle between Samsung and Apple started, Samsung lost a lot in terms of business and reputation.

The sales of Galaxy Tab was banned in Australia after the court justice Annabelle Bennett agreed with Apple’s claim that the design of Galaxy Tab was copied from iPad. Suffering financial losses in a potential market, Samsung filed counter-lawsuits against Apple, seeking ban of the sales of Apple devices, including iPhone 4S in Australia and many other countries.

The legal tangle accelerated when to companies accused each other of violating patents. The problems are expected to rise for Samsung as well as Apple as European Union Competition Commission is checking all the information on this case which includes Apple’s side of story as well as Samsung’s side of story. There are rumors that both Apple as well as Samsung might face hefty fines.

Now Samsung has unexpectedly found a sympathizer in an appeals judge who calls the ban on the sales of Galaxy Tab unfair. Federal Court Justice Lindsay Foster says that local subsidiaries of Samsung are at huge disadvantage with the holiday season approaching. Samsung’s lawyer Neil Young says that Justice Bennet did not consider the “dire consequences of the ban” faced by Samsung. Young said that there was a series of fundamental errors in the judgment.

Samsung is hoping to hear whether or not the ban would be lifted early next week.

Another ground on which the ban is being termed “unfair” is that the hearing of lawsuit filed by Samsung that seeks ban against Apple products will start in March 2012. Many believe that by then, Apple can make enough money by selling their products in Australia.

Source: BGR

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