Barnes & Noble announced Nookcolor

Yesterday Barnes & Noble has launched its latest Nook e-reader and which is set to begin shipping in mid-November. Like its less-colorful predecessor, the Android-based Nookcolor can be used for reading digital books, magazines and newspapers, but also has added features like games, Web browsing, music and its own app store. After some time more additional features like 12,000 children’s books for the Nookcolor will be added.

The new features and the $249 price seem to place the Nookcolor in closer competition with Apple’s iPad. Parents who balk at buying their kids an iPad for $499+ might be persuaded to gift them with the $249 Nookcolor, especially since there are so many kids’ titles available. But with other e-readers selling for less than half that, will the Nookcolor really find a “nook” in the tablet market?


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