Now Batman Can Use iPhone With Armstar


The picture you are looking at is not related to any gadget found at the sets of upcoming Batman movie.

Nor it is any Prototype of some Iron Man movie.

Inspired from the on-arm gadgetry of Batman, the Armstar Kevlar is available with iPhone dock. It features stun device, camera, flash light, and optionally an iPhone / iPod. You can choose which iDevice you want to keep in dock.

Created by inventor David Brown, the device can be useful for cops, as explained in the words of Brown.

Imagine a world where cops’ taser can’t be pulled away from them, where they can wirelessly pull up someone’s rap sheet just by snapping a photo of them with this thing, get GPS directions no matter if they’re in a patrol car, motorbike or on foot, record witness statements at the scene.

Perhaps the soldiers can also launch their armory with this arm-gadget and at the same time, launch iPhone to call their seniors to give the news of “Mission Accomplished”.

Just for the information, Actor Kevin Costner is said to be a partner and co-owner in Amrstar. Costner is now associated with another DC super-hero as the first hero he was associated with was Superman. He plays Superman’s adoptive father Jonathan Kent in the upcoming movie “The Man Of Steel” that would be released in the Christmas season of 2012.

Source: Obama Pacman

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