Beats1 Star Zane Lowe Says Streaming Music Goes Beyond Apple

Going by a new interview on 17th August, with The Los Angeles Times, Beats 1 host Zane Lowe discussed a few topics which is related to Apple Music’s daily streaming radio show, including the company’s rivals. Lowe explained the need for competition among streaming music platform without referencing sportify.

According to Lowe;
“This is a controversial statement: I don’t ever want us to be the only streaming service on the block,” he says. “There is no league with one team. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. But you’re still in the game. Not to sound too holistic but I’m glad I’m in the game.”

While still the interview was still going on, and Spotify was brought up, comparing Apple Music’s 40 million paid subscribers to Spotify’s 83 million paid subscribers, Lowe said he doesn’t look to Spotify when thinking about Beats 1 he mentioned, while referring to the streaming radio show that. “We’re the only voice in streaming that’s not cockiness. It’s fact.”

Meanwhile the ‘Beats 1’ is a 24/7 streaming radio which comprises of a collection of radio shows hosted by different DJs throughout the day, this includes Julie Adenuga, Ebro Darden, and Lowe. celebrity hosts as well as guests also includes; Elton John, Charli XCX, Pharrell, and St. Vincent. Sportify and YouTube are, now looking into ways to step up their radio programming style as a result of Beats 1’s success on the Apple Music,

Other streaming services are now starting to copy the Beats 1 style of radio programming
Despite the influence of Beats 1 in the market, Lowe has however being questioned by Los Angeles Times as regards to the specific listener counts for the service’s shows. But he has dodged answering and had stated that Beats 1 streams in “more than 100 countries,” and that has doubled down on the service’s ability to sell listeners, and new artists therefore converting them into paid Apple Music subscribers (meanwhile anyone can listen to Beats 1 in the Apple Music app, but only paid Apple Music subscribers can get access to on-demand stations and shows).

As at last year, the head of content by name; Larry Jackson said, “Beats 1 is the biggest radio station in the world.” however Is it? Lowe actually calls his statement ‘premature’ as he recalled an advice that was given to himby Jimmy Iovine he said;
“Jimmy said to me at the beginning: be the thing that moves the needle.” For Lowe, that meant getting cozy with artists. Before when Lowe encouraged fans to buy artists’ records, whether or not they did wouldn’t affect his livelihood. “This directly affects my business. By that very nature we are in business together.”

Meanwhile, Beats 1 launched alongside with Apple Music on June 30, 2015, which started with a day full of tracks which preceded an interview Lowe hosted with Eminem, the debut of St. Vincent’s “Mixtape Delivery Service”, and many more.

Just a few months after the launch, Beats 1 began saving the replays of recent shows so that subscribers could revisit an episode they missed at any time. Finally, Beats 1 two year anniversary in 2017, Lowe said;
He has “never been more excited about where Beats 1 is at this moment, and this is just the beginning.”