Become Ronaldo And Play Soccer With Soctics League [REVIEW]

Soctics League

Do you like Football and Soccer? Are Ronaldo and David Beckham your heroes? Now you can play Soccer on your iPhone, iPad and even Mac.

Soctics League is an awesome game and a must have for Soccer fans.

This is a turn-based soccer game where your strategies will help you win your matches. You can play against your device, your friends, or compete online in the periodic tournaments organized by developers of this game!

Soctics League

This is game features a tutorial for players where they can learn how to play. You can also practice before you start playing.

The online league is where you can truly enjoy our game. You will be building up your fan club as you keep winning matches. Your fans will support you more during the game as their numbers grow.

You can use Binoculors can be used to see where the ball will go. You have to use them carefully while planning surprise attacks!

This game has been developed by Bitongo. Bitongo are known for creating games for mobile gaming. Bitongo is a 2-man team developing for Apple’s iPhone and iPod platforms since Aug 2008. They claim to be committed to bring only high quality games to these devices. They are located in Hungary.

Soctics League

This game has beautiful graphics and greenery of Soccer field is pleasing to the eyes. It looks like the green grass of a real field.

Following are the features that make this game interesting and exciting:

1. There is SmartCrowd in this game. Like a real Soccer game, your fans will support you and cheer for you during the games.

2. You can unlock new fan chants.

3. There is Binoculars feature for better attack control.

4. Not only you can play against the device, two players can play this game on the same device.

5. GameCenter support is available for this game and thus, you can challenge friends online.

6. In this game, there is an Online League where you can compete globally against players on iPod, iPad or Mac.

7. You can chat with other players online. There is parent lock for chat which can also protect children from potential online predators.

Following video gives you a teaser of Soctics League.

Soctics League is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Mac. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version. It requires OS X 10.7 for desktop Mac.

This review has been written after obtaining Soctics League from the app store and the game has been played on an iPod.

So how does it feel to play soccer on your Mac, iPhone or iPad? Post your comments.

Soctics League iPhone Version:

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Soctics League Mac Version:

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