Find Best Apps With Free Apps [REVIEW]

Free Apps

This title may sound absurd to you but the name of the new app that I am introducing you to is “Free Apps”.

You may want to try many apps for your iPhone and iPad. However, you cannot waste your money on paid app. What if you buy them and they turn out be useless? When you want to try something, you want to do it for free. Whether it is demo version of a game or a pint of some new chocolate syrup.

Now here is an app, with which you can keep a track of best free apps from all categories. Free Apps introduces you dozens of iPhone apps and iPad apps and you can try any free app and see if it suits your requirement. This app itself is a free app. So you can download it to try it and keep it if it works for you.

Free Apps

Free Apps has been created by Chaotic Kingdoms. Chaotic Kingdom believes in research and development of products and services that make use of the latest design and technological advances. Chaotic Kingdom aim to offer innovative applications and games to web, smartphones and tablets users.

Not only useful apps, with Free Apps you can also find interesting games for your iPhone and iPad everyday.

Let me show you what Free Apps has to offer:

1. Free Apps brings information and updates about best daily limited time FREE apps and games! It does that on daily basis.

2. With Free Apps, you can keep yourself updated about the best daily deals in paid apps and games! For example, if a paid app is free for one, Free Apps would tell you that.

3. There are some “featured free apps and games”. You should not miss them.

4. With this app, you can find the most downloaded apps at first glance! So you would be aware of most used apps and most popular games.

5. App data source is updated every few minutes! You would not find expired deals. Free Apps would show you real free apps and the apps whose prices are dropping.

Free Apps

With the new update, Version 1.5 of Free Apps has some new features:

1. The Deals Data source has been improved with new update. Free Apps checks in every few minutes that the prices of apps are correct. It removes limited time deals if they are no longer available.

2. There are new “featured free apps”. Free Apps carries a selection of the best featured free apps and games. You can download them for free.

3. In the updated Version of Free Apps, the app filter has been improved to give you relevant results in case you wish to search for particular kind of app. You can also see most download apps at a glance.

Free Apps is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later version.

This review has been written after this app being used on an iPhone.

After using Free Apps, do you find it easy to keep yourself, updated with new free apps? Does this app help you in getting apps at cheaper prices? Do share your feedback about this app with us.

Click here to download Free Apps.

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