Beware, Mac is watching you!

I am being monitored by the Mac is what my cousin said to me when I was handling his Mac. How? Exactly I too asked the same question to him. He said his Mac has a secret monitoring and recording app that capture everything a user does on his Mac. “Everything?”

He began his story how he is worried about what’s happening on his computer while he is not watching it, so he use the DutyWatch, a Mac spyware app. It captures every web site a user visits, even every keystroke a user makes—including email, iChat, or whatever requires a keyboard touch.

That’s sound interesting. Thanks to my cousin for telling me about this app because it can be handy at times.

It might especially warn the youngsters not to do things that should not be done. Because the Mac will catch you with red hand.

Isn’t it great that now you can protect you Mac from being misused. but I can really figure out that youngsters will have a tough time to deal with DutyWatch around.

Because now Mac becomes a watchman.

Keep watching, Mac!


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