BeyzaCases Zero Series Cases

BeyzaCases has launched a new “Zero Series”, slim leather cases and pouches for iPhone 4 and iPad 2. BeyzaCases Zero Series are known as the thinnest genuine leather cases in the market.

After using the Beyzacases iPhone 4 “Zero Series” Case which I found the case really good. Zero Series cases and sleeves are made of genuine leather, featuring beautiful stitch color around the case.

With the opening on the bottom, the case allows the insertion of the cable 30-pin Dock for charging and for connecting to your Mac / PC, without having to remove the phone – which is great. The style is classic and elegant, suitable for iPhone-users who want a very fine cover and at the same time not-so-bulky, durable and protective.

Zero Series iPad 2 Cases will protect your iPad 2 with a inner soft lining that stitched carefully to fit the entire body of iPad 2 for full protection and easy removal. It also supports the Sleep function for the iPad 2

BeyzaCases Zero Series cases are available for iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and iPad 2 which are priced at at €24.95 ($35), €24.95 ($35), €54.95 ($79) and €69.95 ($100), respectively.

You can find BeyzaCases “Zero Series” leather cases in variety of colors like Black, Tan, Red, Brown and White.

Beyzacases Products have been manufactured out of first quality leather. There may be some characteristic signs such as wrinkles, scars and marks. Those do not effect the durability of the product, in fact these arise from the natural beauty of the genuine leather.

For general cleaning on the leather parts of your Beyzacases product, please use a soft cloth and a leather cleaner and/or conditioning cream and follow instructions. This should be done three or four times a year, and this facilitates the durability, shine, and increases the beauty of your Beyzacases product overall.

When it comes to the chemicals that you use to clean your Beyzacases product, you need to be very careful. Turpentine and mineral spirits must be avoided as they can pull color, and caustic household chemicals should never be used to clean leather and leather preparations that contain alcohol should also be avoided.

Please do not store your Beyzacases product in direct sunlight, direct spotlight, direct heat, radiator and similar devices which spread heat and powerful light. Please keep your Beyzacases product in a dark, cool, dry place to prevent fading and mould.

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