BI firm prefer iPads over laptops

According to MicroStrategy, a business intelligence software maker, has deployed 1,100 Apple iPads to executives and sales personnel to conduct critical job-related tasks. The company also expecting around 700 more iPads to be provided soon. The main reasons behind this step is that MicroStrategy said it is running some applications that can run on both the iPad and iPhone and where others are designed to fully take advantage of the larger 9.7-inch iPad touchscreen

MicroStrategy is known as one of the largest business users of iPads to go public about its deployment while other businesses which talk about iPad has around 100 users to date.

From a user perspective, the biggest advantages about using iPad over a laptop is its instant-on capability. Mark LaRow, senior vice president of products says, “People don’t wait two minutes for it to boot like with a laptop” and that “It’s instant on, and that’s a big deal.”

In the future more software makers will follow the suite and even when new iPad are release the rate of iPad user can be more.


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