Big Brother Security App Banned

Earlier a list of passwords not to use was published. The post was complied from an iOS App called Big Brother Security. It made it to every banner as soon as the developer went public with the data.

Daniel Amitay carried out a little experiment by secretly collecting user’s 4 digit passwords from his Big Brother Security app. Though these intial findings were interesting his action of publishing them was rather an unwise thing to do.

Big Brother Security app was drawn out instantly when Apple ultimately got the news and, it appears that, collecting thin-skinned data like user’s passwords is not entertained in Cupertino.

Apple disagreed to Amitay’s presumption “that since his password-collecting code kept everything 100% anonymous, it wouldn’t be violating any privacy laws”. He was informed about his app being removed and the reason being his action and for “clandestinely gathering user passwords.”

Since then Daniel has sent in an update to his app without the password-collecting code, and is awaiting approval from Apple. It was a good removal but it seems like he had a well-mannered case (even quoted bits of the EULA), there was just something disturbing and uncomfortable about an app secretly collecting passwords.

Hope he gets a positive word from Apple

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