Proview Notes “Big Gap” In Apple’s Settlement Terms

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Apple and Proview maybe discussing settlement in their dispute over the iPad trademark in China, but the two companies are unable to reach an agreement despite Proview insisting on an out-of-court settlement.

Proview is aiming at extorting more money from Apple as it has the support from corrupt judiciary and government in China, thanks to their perverted sense of nationalism. On the other hand, Apple, now alone in this fight is trying to solve the matter by offering compensation which we can term as “alms” that may save Proview from inevitable bankruptcy.

Proview is not accepting what Apple is offering.

Roger Xie, lawyer for Proview, told Bloomberg:

“The Guangdong Higher People’s court is trying to mediate this, and both parties are trying to negotiate and come to a settlement. Right now, there is still a big gap between the two sides on the settlement amount.”

Proview is battling Apple over the rights to the iPad name and falsely claims that it still owns the trademark. Apple asserts it bought the trademark from the Taiwanese division of the Chinese company in 2009 which was attended by the officials of Shenzen branch as well. The dispute has made its way to the Guangdong Higher People’s court after Apple appealed a lower court ruling that said Proview owned the iPad name.

In China, currently Apple can sell iPad only in Shanghai. Proview sued Apple in USA and lost.

Source: TUAW

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