Biggest Apple Product Leaks Of 2011

This year, many Apple products were loved and saw an increase in their sales. So let us have a look at the Apple Product Leaks of this year.

1. iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

The pictures of some parts of iPhone surfaced on internet and people wondered what it was. Global Direct Parts called it an “iPhone 5” . The detailed differences were found in the new antenna design. The changes were small. However, after the new iPhone was released, we all realized that what was seen on the net was first look of iPhone 4S design. That was way back in January, ten months before the release of iPhone 4S. The antenna design striking similarities with the Verizon iPhone which had not been released at the time, but the inclusion of the SIM slot meant this particular design was definitely for the iPhone 4S. Over the year, we continued to see the bits and pieces of iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S

Later, Apple itself leaked the iPhone 4S name on iTunes beta, before the release of actual product.

2. iPad 2

iPad 2 Dummy

Here we see the photo of a dummy model of iPad 2 that was shown at CES about 2 months before the iPad 2 was actually launched. The model was created on the basis of some leaked case designs to Chinese accessory manufacturers. This is the reason why the leaked iPhone 5 case designs seemed like a good possibility at the time.

3. iPhone 4S Camera Test

iPhone 4S Camera Photo

People got a fair idea of the capability of the camera in iPhone 4S. This photo was accidentally leaked by an Apple employee. The camera in iPhone 4S had clicked this photo.

4. iCloud Screenshot

iCloud Screenshot

This iCloud login screenshot was leaked several days before WWDC. However, it turned out to be accurate. It may have come from Apple’s internal staging area for the website. iCloud did not go live until two months later with essentially the same login screen.

5. Apple lost another iPhone

Cava Bar iPhone Prototype

An Apple employee lost another prototype iPhone in a San Francisco bar this year. Though there were some initial doubts about the story, the San Francisco Police confirmed later that they did search for the device. The lost iPhone was never found. We are assuming that it represented a prototype iPhone 4S device. This likely explains why the prototype did not ever draw enough attention to be leaked/sold to any gadget sites.

6. Macbook Pro, Thunderbolt

Macbook Pro Thunderbolt

The specs for the first Thunderbolt MacBook Pros got leaked, just few days before the launch.

7. Siri

The video that you are watching here was made before Siri was launched. Apple admitted that Siri had been leaked through this video. Some people doubted the accuracy of this video.

8. Fake iPhone 5 Video

This is a video of an “iPhone 5 Leak” on Apple’s website. This video amassed nearly 3 million views in YouTube ever since it was posted.

Source: Mac Rumors

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