Bluetooth OnOff App Pulled From App Store

Bluetooth OnOff app

Bluetooth OnOff is a useful app. This app toggles your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection on and off. Inevitably, it has been pulled from the App Store.

The 99-cent Universal app used private Application Programming Interface (APIs) to function. Now it has gone, probably forever, along with data-tethering apps and other utilities that would be missed by all users.

iOS has many APIs which developers use to make their apps work with iPhone and iPad hardware and software. Some are public and supported. Some are off limits. Some private APIs are later made public, but many private APIs are strictly off-limits for anyone but Apple. Sometimes this is because they are not yet fully-baked. Thus, Apple wants to be able to ditch them or change them substantially without breaking everybody’s apps.

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Source: Cult Of Mac

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