Boiling Will Charge Your iPhone

After the disaster in Japan, a Japanese company has come up with a new way of charging mobile devices while heating a pot of water over a campfire. It is a new method for saving energy resources and utilizing a source which is simple and most of them use it in their day to day life.

The Hatsuden-nabe thermo-electric cookpot turns the heat from the boiling water into electricity which is fed through a USB port into the mobile devices. Heat from this can charge radios, flashlights, music players and others if they have a USB port. It takes almost 3-5 hours to charge a device.

It started off when TES New-Energy, a company in western city of Osaka made and sold a gadget in Japan for 24,150 yen or $299. It has many uses to save energy, a way to survive in places which have very less electricity supply, or for back ups in places which have been affected by a disaster recently. Mobile chief Executive Kazuhiro Fujita said that they got this idea after the Japan incident where they saw people suffering. They say that the pot will be used in mainly emergency conditions and people can use it for outdoor activities like travelling.

TES New Energy was set up in 2010 to promote products based on technology developed at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan’s largest public research organization.

It also makes and markets equipment to transform residual heat from industrial waste furnaces into electricity. The company says the pot will be used mainly in emergency situations, for outdoor activities and also has uses in developing countries.

Director and co-developer Ryoji Funahashi said “Unlike a solar power generator, our pot can be used regardless of time of day and weather while its small size allows people to easily carry it in a bag in case of evacuation”.

[via Japantoday]

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