More advanced EQ app, Boom 3D, with volume booster for Mac and iOS


Boom 3D is also known as a popular Mac 3D app, with more complete control over Mac’s audio including advanced EQ settings. With built-in presets the ability to customize volume is an app-by-app basis. With the company, setting an iOS companion app continues with experience on your iPhone or iPad.

Headed below is a full look of Boom 3D is where one can have a limited time of 9to5mac readers which can get Boom3D for Mac for at $11.89 (Reg. $16.99) with discount code been provided as 9TO5BOOM.


Hence with Boom 3D’s, a 5 million users be using the app which improves experiencing of listening on devices such as MacBooks and iPhones which have a smaller speakers, where the app now brings an advanced EQ settings with a cross-platform audio player letting you keep your EQ settings across devices which includes Mac, iPhone and iPad.

3D Surround Sound. With the most popular feature being Boom is a 3D Surround Sound featuring one offers an immersive virtual surround sound where experience works with any pair of existing headphones. Hence with many users with one click setting improved audio for things such as movies and gaming. Advanced EQ settings are handy and more fine-grained control with an overall audio output.


EQ controls, presets & effects. With Boom which comes preloaded having a number of EQ presets and audio effects let you quickly and easily dial your sound which depends on your device with what audio type in which you are listening to. Hence with the most advanced user, being a 31-band Advanced Equalizer fully customized with manually one create your own presets.

Audio Player & Remote. With the addition being able to control where all your Mac’s audio system-wide or for apps including Boom 3D having a full-fledged audio player which is built-in lets you manage with all of your music from one place. Hence a companion Boom Remote app for iOS is letting one to control your Mac’s default volume level, where Boom 3D’s Equalizers and Effects right from your iPhone or iPad.

With volume control on an app-by-app basis, which is an extremely powerful feature of Boom 3D. Thus one can instantly, easily mute or lower the volume of applications within the background which enables only what you want to hear where one wants it without having closing any apps which need running.

BOOM for iOS

Hence with one being ready to move with your iPhone or iPad, Boom for iOS not only allows one to have the same 3D Surround Sound, EQ settings, effects and presets, utilizes the audio settings which streams music with apps like Spotify and Tidal.


With a built-in audio player, accessing your playlists stores music over 20,000 local and international Radio with Podcast stations.  Thus 120 countries are where Boom recently added. With iOS app available for $6.99 (actual Price $11.99) is for six months and $11.99 (reg price $23.99) is for one year.