Bouncers Check A-List with iPads, now hard to just sneak in

Now the Clubbers at a Miami hotspot find out the dreaded answer to whether their names are on the guest list thanks to iPads. Door staff at LIV at the Fontainbleau Hotel use Apple’s magical tablet to check guest lists, table reservations and organize their email lists.

Like wine lists for restaurants, this is a nice use of digital over paper. Here the staffers in the noisy locale know immediately when a table opens up or who is coming in, though it could be expensive if the iPad is around when the inevitable scuffle occurs.

“We’re all connected, we have a better connection with each other,” says the Liv staffer in featured in the video clip above.

We suspect it’ll be harder to crash the night spot where Jennifer Lopez, Jay Z and the Kardashians are rumored to hang out.

[Via A3Network]

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