Brazilian Made iPhone 4 Expensive In Brazil

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We have reported earlier about Apple’s interest in investing in Brazil. While talking about that, we also mentioned the plan from Apple’s partner Foxconn, to create factories and manufacturing units in Brazil.

The Brazilian plant is expected to meet overwhelming demand for iPads and iPhones and make the devices cheaper for Latin American customers.

Due to extremely high import taxes, the two-year old iPhone 4 costs a staggering $1000 in Brazil. And the iPhone 4S is nearly $1500. Apple fans in Brazil hoped that those prices will drop substantially, now that Foxconn is making them in Brazil.

According to online reports, Apple is now selling Brazilian-made 8GB iPhone 4S in its online store for Brazil. However, the pricing on the handset has not come down yet.

There are speculations that perhaps Apple and Foxconn have not yet met all of the requirements that are needed to receive certification from the Brazilian government that would make the devices exempt from the hefty import taxes.

Regardless, iPhone 4 with “Made in Brazil” tag is now in circulation. Nobody knows when would iPad and iPhone 4S would be in circulation. Hopefully, they would be available in near future, if God wished, with a lower price.

Source: iDownload Blog

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