Breaking News: Gevey SIM Unlocks iPhone 4 Including iOS 4.3.1

Attention to all the people who are waiting for iPhone Dev Team to release a software solution to unlock your iPhone because they had launched a Gevey SIM. Gevey Sim is all about a Sim card hack.

For using Gevey SIM, users does not required to jailbreak their iPhone . It initiate by working through the activation of the baseband using the urgrent dialer. iPhone 4 basebands 04.10.01 can be unlocked and also(bundled with iOS 4.3, iOS 4.3.1), 03.10.01 (bundled with iOS 4.2.1), 02.10.04 (bundled with iOS 4.1).

MuscleNerd, member of the iPhone Dev Team has also warned users from using the Gevey SIM card hack:

That “dial 112 then hang up” in gevey is illegal in USA, and probably other countries. Buyer beware.


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  1. I got mine from , this is my first time to order from China. To my surprise, it only took about 10 days come to USA. And the Gevey SIM really works like it advertise, highly recommend.

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