Bringing Siri’s Voice To Any Mac Running OS X Lion [TUTORIAL]

Siri Mac

Recently, there were speculations that Siri might come to Mac. Well, one cannot be sure about this until Apple makes such announcement. However, if Siri has not arrived on Mac yet, at least the voice of Siri can come. If you love Siri so much, now there is a way to get its voice on your Mac.

There are certain features of OS X Lion that are not so well-known. One example is Nuance speech technology (part of what powers Siri), adds more voice options to the system’s voice capabilities, such as text-to-speech and speech recognition.

Coincidentally, one of those voice options happens to be the exact same one that is used for Siri, called “Samantha” within System Preferences on OS X Lion. Following video sheds more light on this:

Lion users can easily download Siri’s “voice” for use on their Mac by simply following following this procedure:

STEP 1 – Open System Preferences.

STEP 2 – Navigate to Speech > Text to Speech > System Voice > Customize.

STEP 3 – Select Samantha from among the various options.

The download is large and it size is 469 MB. So be patient as the time taken for for download depends on your Internet connection speed.

Now, you will be able to enjoy hearing Siri’s voice whenever your Mac speaks to you.

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