British Parliament Considering iPads For All Members

iPad British Parliament

In December, we reported how much fascination David Cameron had for iPad. There were reports of British Prime Minister having his own personalized iPad app.

Now it seems that every Member of Parliament (MP) may get his/her own iPad. The BBC reported that a Commons Administration Committee has recommended a rollout of iPads and other tablet computers to save the British taxpayer money.

At present, every MP gets three desktop computers and two laptops for office use. Thus, you can imagine, things get expensive quickly. However, with iPads for everyone, the committee says it will be easier to get the work done and to save paper.

Some Members of Parliament participated in a trial use of tablets, and the results were positive. Several different brands of tablets were used by 16 Members of Parliament and it was noted that the iPad was “ahead of the field in terms of functionality.”

Parliament rules were changed in 2011 to allow MPs to use iPads or BlackBerrys in the Commons chamber.

Source: TUAW

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