British Prime Minister To Have His Own Personalized App

British Prime Minister David Cameron iPad

Sometimes you have some specific requirements and feel that no app is suitable for that. Then you wish that you had an app that would exclusively cater to that requirement of yours. But can you really have an app that has been designed exclusively for you. Sure you can! If your name is David Cameron.

That’s right! British Prime Minister David Cameron loves to use his iPad. His love for iPad puts him in the category of politicians who love iPad and are dubbed as “iPad leaders”. These iPad leaders are political figures and heads of state who use iPad to conduct business and issue directions and orders to be executed.

Now there is going to be a new iPad app that would be designed exclusively for Cameron.

The British Telegraph has reported that David Cameron’s “personalized iPad app” will help him more efficiently and accurately do his job. According to that report, the app will “allow the Prime Minister to see the latest NHS waiting-figures, crime statistics, unemployment numbers and a wide variety of other data at a glance.” It was not clarified what “Other data” meant.

As reported by The Telegraph :

Unlike his predecessor Gordon Brown, who had a secure e-mail address linked with the government network, Mr Cameron prefers to receive papers on which he can write notes which can then be reviewed by staff. Mr. Cameron does, however, stay in informal contact with MPs and advisers via text message.

The personalized app for the Prime Minister is being prepared with oversight from the Cabinet Office. It is expected to be ready for use by March 2012. The idea for this app originated from a trip by advisers to the US.

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