Apple’s Upcoming Drama Based on Child Journalist Hilde Lysiak

An eight year old child actress, Brooklynn Prince has been cast as the lead actress in Apple’s upcoming drama series which is based on the life of Hilde Lysiak a young journalist. The actress known as prince is also known for playing Moonee in ‘The Florida project’ and currently, she is working on ‘the one and only Ivan’ with Sam Rockwell and Angelina Jolie. This upcoming TV show, will actually be prince’s first The upcoming drama follows a young girl who moves with her father from Newyork, to a small Lakeside town where her father is originally from.

Here, the child brings up a murder case that everyone else in the town had attempted to bury.
The TV show, will be based on the young journalist’s effort to report a murder case in Selinsgrove which eventually led her to being the first person on the scene to report the case. Both national and international media’s attention has been drawn to Hilde Lysiak’s paper, the Orange Street News.

Ten episodes of this drama have been ordered by Apple which is being created and executively produced by Dara Resnik and Dana Fox. Dana Fox is known for her work on ‘how to be single’, ‘Ben and Kate’, and ‘couples Retreat’, while Dara Resnik has also worked on; ‘shooter’, ‘mistresses’, and ‘castle’. Meanwhile Apple has more than a dozen television shows which are fully available in the original content of Apple TV roundup.

Other shows that are also currently in casting stages are; ‘unnamed space’ which was developed by Ronald D. Moore, also, ‘see’ and ‘Are you sleeping’ a drama which is based on a murder case which is reopened by a podcast.