Woman Rewarded With A Brutal Beating For Returning A Lost iPhone


An iPhone is very expensive. Losing an iPhone is the ultimate worst thing that can happen to an Apple fanboy.

That is why, if a good samaritan gets in touch to to tell you that she has found your phone, the appropriate response from you would be gratitude and you would be thankful.

One woman in Virginia would tell you that this is not always the case. DCist recently reported that last weekend, while shopping at her local Fredericksburg 7-Eleven, the woman, 53, picked up an iPhone that had fallen on the floor. She proceeded to contact the phone’s owners (a man and a woman) and arranged to meet them at a neutral location to make the exchange.

Everyone showed up as planned, and the transaction was completed without a hitch. They even gave her a monetary reward.

However, the owners of iPhone rushed the woman from behind, while she was walking away, throw her to the ground, kick her, and reclaimed their cash.

This looks like a scam, except they stole back their own cash. Strange bizarre things revolving around iPhone happen but this incident was uniquely strange.

Source: Gizmodo

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