Brydge teases new keyboards with 2018 iPad Pros, comes early next year

The first customer gets hands on Apple’s latest iPad Pros where accessory maker Brydge teases upcoming keyboard with new devices. With details getting sparse at this point, Brydge has new keyboards which ships sometime in early 2019.

Brydge took to Twitter with new keyboards show off with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. On the surface, where there are keyboards which is a stronger resemblance to MacBooks with past Brydge models. Further, a cutout along the front makes opening and closing with keyboard easier.

Many details new Brydge keyboard with iPad Pro remains still unclear. Thus by asking a customer on Twitter, with the keyboards still connected via Bluetooth, Brydge simply teases “Cannot share all our secrets at once.” Other details with pricing and availability also unclear at this point.

Brydge keyboards a popular choice with certain iPad users who provide more with a laptop which feels Apple’s own Smart Keyboard. With more sturdy hinge design, backlit keys, and an aluminum build, experiences similar to that of a MacBook.

Brydge runs quality control issues with the company says cracking down those issues. On Twitter, Brydge quality control “tighter than Fort Knox” time around. You signs up with more information about keyboards on Brydge’s website.