Bug In iOS 5.0.1 Allows Unauthorized Access To Contacts And Call History

iPhone 4

Shocked that your wife found out about the phone call you made to your Ex? Blame your iPhone.

A bug has been found in iOS 5.0.1. Bugs are found in iPhone very often but this bug might give you sleepless nights.

You may need to worry because this bug may allow an unauthorized user to access your contacts, make phone calls, or use FaceTime on your passcode-protected iPhone. However, no need to panic as there is a solution. This bug is not easily reproduced. It requires someone else to have access to your phone, with either no service or the sim card removed. Your average snoop would not find it worth their time.

To trigger the bug, one would need to confuse your iPhone after receiving a missed call by one of two methods — doing it while you have no network coverage or actively inserting and ejecting the SIM card. This will eventually lead to the iPhone unlocking to the phone app and allowing you to place phone calls. Once you hang up, you will be locked out again.

This process needs to be performed numerous times, as shown in the video shared here. Your iPhone would not be confused by anyone as long as you do not need your iPhone unattended for long periods of time with shady people who actively carry around a SIM removal tool or paperclip. Using SIM removal clip or paperclip are popular methods to hack into an iPhone.

A similar bug was discovered a while back under iOS 4. This bug also allowed access to contacts, favorites, and voicemail on a locked device. In iOS 5, a timestamp bug was discovered that allowed access to your camera roll.

Nobody knows whether or not this specific issue is patched in iOS 5.1. If it is not already, we can only hope that it will be before the public release of iOS 5.1.

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