Business Users start Mass Exodus from iWork to MS Office

It seems Apple Mac users are now growing weary of iWork, which is Apple’s office suite and the chief rival of Microsoft Office for Mac. Although receiving a strong start, iWork hasn’t been updated significantly since 2009.Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 10.31.11 AM

 Several business owners say that they are fed up with the second-class treatment dished out by Apple and the severe dearth of updates. Not just that, iWork has now started to lag. Some businesses have already abandoned iWork altogether, finding greener pastures in Microsoft Office.,

Apple is making a grave mistake here by virtually relinquishing the market to Microsoft. I can’t think of any logical reason why Apple has not updated iWork for so long. It does not even have a iWork roadmap in place (at least that we know of.)

It’s a blessing for Apple that Microsoft hasn’t released Office 2013 for Mac, which might have been the final nail in iWorks coffin

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