Calculate All Your Costs And Travel Expenses With BuddyCalcPRO [REVIEW]


When you travel, many times, your expenses go high. You may have become extravagant for your family members or you maybe choosing expensive options to travel, considering them to be status symbols. Sometimes you may go overboard with your purchases and other expenses (luxurious or necessary) and it may become difficult for you to keep a track of all the expenses you incurred.

You need to have a calculation of all possible expenses and if needed, potential emergency expenses. Here is where you need a trustworthy app that would be your buddy when it comes to calculations.

Introducing…BuddyCalcPRO, your personal accountant to calculate all travel expenses an efficient helper in planning your travel budget.


Whenever you go on a trip and you bring your Tripit and FlightTrack apps, it would be good to complement your ‘travel kit’ with BuddyCalc PRO that would keep your finances well organized during your trip and send them onwards by e-mail or to your PC.

BuddyCalcPRO is a comprehensive multi-lingual App currently on the market for keeping track of business travel expenses (using EXCEL). It also keeps a track of your family holiday budget or your weekend away with friends. Be it cost-sharing calculations or travel expenses, anything would be done with a push of a button and make complex calculations a thing of the past.

Arranging and organizing the data is very easy in this app.

You can download the FREE version to give it a try, or download the full-functional PRO version.


Some of the key features of BuddyCalcPRO are as follows:

1. You can upload or sync data to your personal account on

2. You can download event data from your account to Excel or as flat text file (csv) which would be very handy for business travelers (this feature can generate expense reports).

3. In BuddyCalcPRO, you can work with multiple currencies in one event with online exchange rate updates or manual input.

4. BuddyCalcPRO has multi-lingual user interface. Available languages are English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch.


5. With this app, you can collect data by cost category and/or by participant.

6. You can send the event data by e-mail to others from within the App (in flat text format).

7. BuddyCalcPRO can allocate selected cost items to one or more individuals.

8. With this app, you can join an event later or leave earlier without paying for expenses made in your absence.

9. You can store up to 99 events in memory and many more on your PC.

10. With BuddyCalcPRO, you can create and/or modify your own cost categories. This feature is useful for business travelers!

11. The PRO version is free of advertising. We would request our readers to remember that synchronization of event data between multiple Apple devices is not supported at the moment.

BuddyCalcPRO is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd Generation iPod touch, 4th Generation iPod touch and iPad. It requires iOS 3.1.3 or later version.

In the new version 1.3 of BuddyCalcPRO, many bugs have been fixed.

This review has been written after obtaining BuddyCalcPRO from app store through a gift card and the app has been used on an iPad.

So are you going plan your holiday budget and travel expenses with BuddyCalcPRO when you travel next time? Post your comments.

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