California Law School in US to go iPad

On August 25, 2010, Monterey College of Law, a California accredited law school located in Seaside became the first California law school in the US to adopt the iPad as an integral part of the law school curriculum. Law students at Monterey College of Law returned from summer break to the exciting news that they are part of a unique pilot program that will provide iPads to each law student at the school.

Through an innovative program developed by the law school with BAR BRI, the country’s largest bar exam review company, each MCL law student receives an iPad when they enroll in the BAR BRI supplemental curriculum program that the students use while attending school and in preparation for the California Bar Exam.

According to Winick, many of the law students work the equivalent of three jobs, that’s between law schools, work, and family. It is a constant challenge for them to set aside enough time during the week to study. Winick believes that the iPad will provide time-challenged students an easy way to add 30 to 45 minutes of studying each day during a lunch break, waiting in the car-pool line, or even getting their oil changed. The result will be an additional 3 to 5 hours per week of valuable study time.


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