Can Apple control tablet market until 2012?

Very soon iPad will have some major competition from new tablets flooding the market but that isn’t likely to stop Apple’s hold on the top in terms of sales of product or in the field of finance months , there is a short line for them ‘you can’t beat Apple’. At least not for a couple of years as a study by tech research firm iSuppli predicts Apple’s iPad will be responsible for 74.1% of global tablets shipped in 2010.

For Google, Motorola, Samsung and all those other brands rushing tablet computers into stores over the next few Yeah, that’s no surprise since it was the only tablet available for most of the year.

Let’s see what happen next year, when every tech company still in business will have its own iPad clone in stores. According to iSuppli, Apple’s market share will drop only slightly, to 70.4%. A larger drop is predicted for 2012, to 61.7%.

Rhoda Alexander, director of monitor research at iSuppli, provides an answer. “If recent history is any lesson, it will take some time for these companies to get their products to market, longer for them to offer necessary software support and infrastructure, and an even lengthier period to begin to rival the overall user experience Apple is able to deliver.”

If Rhoda is right at her opinions then this could be very ruthless news for the companies rushing out products to compete with the iPad.


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