Can commuters useful app be RSS Runner?

We all know about RSS which is the fastest and simplest feed reader for iPod Touch and iPhone. The developers, Francois Goldgewicht offers a new RSS Runner app to iPhone users. The app will be most comfortable and useful for commuters who permanently need to be aware of fresh news. It can’t compete with Google Reader of course but on the other hand app can supply you with all the data without using your Wi-Fi networks. RSS Runner works just like Instapaper for your RSS feeds. After downloading the latest updates, even in case of leaving the page and Wi-Fi networks, they remain on the same condition, ready to read.

The RSS Runner app provide multitasking like where you can leave the application and back later, picking up right where you left off and you no need to wait for the application to reload. RSS app is very intuitive and has highly useable interface. You can view feed item on Web pages without opening Safari, no ads is required if you do not want to and also no need to create any account, just install and enjoy.

Well the feature can be less useful, whether you are subscribing to summary feeds. However, you can add feeds simply by searching for blogs and other composition by name or URL and the app will acknowledge the king of the RSS hill by making it easy to import straight from Google Reader. RSS Runner offers no option to arrange your feeds in the chronological order they were published, instead it offers blog-by-blog updates.

The app is available on App Store

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