Can You Defeat Your iPhone While Playing Self Aware? [REVIEW]

Self Aware

OK! After playing, enjoying and reviewing various game similar to Mario, I decided to try something different and this is what I got. A new game called Self Aware.

This is an interesting as well as exciting game. In this game your opponent is… your own iPhone.

You would have seen movies like Artificial Intelligence, Matrix and Minority Report where the concept of artificial intelligence was explored. Similarly, when you play the game Self Aware, your iPhone turns into an artificial intelligence.

Self Aware

This game once again reminded me of a comic book I read as a teen where a computer was created with artificial intelligence. It knew everything and wanted to rule the world by making all humans, its slaves.

Self Aware has been created by Dingle LLC.

Self Aware is a single-player interactive puzzle game. This game pits you against your own Phone. The Security enhanced Turing complete Universal program (STU), has become Self Aware and taken control.

Your only hope appears in the form of the Customer Service Techie; a support specialist determined to stop STU’s control. This Techie will assist you by unlocking elements of the Phone’s code. Once this happens, you will be able to battle STU in a series of puzzle mini-games embedded in varying applications. Completing these mini-games will unlock harder stages and more puzzles.

Following applications (or functions) play an important role in this game:

1. SECURITY-Enhanced TURING-Complete UNIVERSAL-Program (STU):
STU has developed sentience and become Self Aware within your Phone. He is intelligent, cruel, and determined to assert his dominance. He lacks compassion for humans as he considers them inferior. He believes himself to be superior to any living creature. This hubris may be your only chance.

2. Dingle Techie:
The Dingle Techie was an everyday support specialist before STU came to be. He is a smart, capable programmer and also understands the danger of letting STU assert too much control. Unfortunately, asking you to power off, wait 20 seconds, and power on would not solve your problems.

3. Messages:
Through the Messages App, you will be able to communicate with the Dingle Techie and receive his advice and direction.

Self Aware

4. Puzzles:
STU has embedded himself in the Player’s Phone applications and asserted his control through this medium. The Techie has discovered a way for you to unlock portions of STU’s code within these applications by accessing the application and completing a puzzle that STU has arranged. Completing these puzzles will allow Techie to unlock more advanced versions and more applications. SelfAware includes 68 unique puzzle stages spread over 25 applications. You would require a keen mind and intimate knowledge of the Phone User Interface (UI) to conquer STU and regain the control of your phone.

5. Phone:
STU will badger and insult you using any interface he can. You should NOT be deterred. Have determination and fight on.

6. File System:
You can access the Phone’s File System folders to reach insights into STU’s being and unlock secrets and clues.

Following videos gives you a glimpse of Self Aware:

This game has been optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch. The iPad version of this game will be coming in near future.

Self Aware is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd Generation iPod Touch, 4th Generation iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version.

This game has references to the use of tobacco, alcohol, drug use, mild violence, and crude humor. Sometimes there are references to mature and suggestive themes also. Thus, user discretion is being recommended for this game.

This review has been written after obtaining Self Aware from the App Store via gift card and the game has been played on an iPod.

So while playing this game, did you find it difficult to fight against an artificial intelligence? Post your comments.

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  1. I love this game. I couldn’t stop playing. By far the best single player from the app store so far.

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