Canadian Media Companies face threat of Web based TV services

Report are coming up that canadian media companies has received warning over subscriptions issue from Internet-delivered TV services.

According to site:

“A group of 35 senior executives from the television industry have formed a working group to address the impact of such “over-the-top” services. The group recently sent a letter to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, asking it to consider regulating Netflix and other alternative services, the way it does with broadcasters.”

According to RBC Capital Markets analyst Drew McReynolds:

“[Over-the-top] services are the future and we expect services like Netflix to continue to make inroads into the Canadian media landscape,” wrote in a research note Friday.

Mr. McReynolds predicted that in the next six to eight years, over-the-top subscription levels in Canada could reach 20 per cent of all households.

It was learn that a cheaper alternatives will make more customers to decide wisely on their TV subscriptions and pose a risk to cable and satellite companies.


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