Canadian new Apple retail store with high tech gizmos and a bar to chill.

Apple is planning out hundreds of retail stores and many of them lining up to display the impressive selection of the Apple products. This time its in the northern part of US, Canada.
This store is located on the Upper Canada Mall Newmarket. People were queuing infront of the glass plated entrance to peep into the store for the devices which were sort of tempting them.
When people were asked for what they are up to? Majority voiced out for the little genius iPhone 4.
It was not only the people who were pumped up but the employees too were excited to see the enthusiasm of the people lining infront of the entrance through the chilling cold night.
For that cold night the store has a better option for you. There is a genius bar inside the store for your cold. It’s not all; there are much of workshops and resources that you can look through along with your Apple iDevices that you plan to purchase from the store.


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