Cards And iBooks Apps Updated

Cards App

One app (Cards), allows you to create beautiful greeting cards. This helps you connect and bond with people you love. Other app (iBooks) enables you to study easily and improve your academic performance. Education helps you to connect with the world, as a professional.

Both of these apps are helpful in your personal life and the professional world you are a part of. Thus, improvement in their performance would benefit you.

That is why, Apple has released updates for Cards and iBooks. The iBooks 2.1.1 update is relatively minor. It addresses some stability and performance improvements and fixing an issue which prompted users to sign-in with their Apple ID at unexpected times.

In addition to stability and performance improvements the Cards 1.1 update also adds some new card styles, including cards for Mother’s Day, new Get Well card designs, and additional cards for birthdays, thank you and more. Both apps are free downloads.

What are your comments on these two apps? Share with us.

Source: TUAW

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  1. I love both apps. I tried the cards app in dec & used it to create a sample xmas card before ordering for my entire family & my friends. The card I got was of great quality & reached withing days. It’s there to use whenever we r in need of a greeting card.
    iBooks also another app I enjoy. I have read more books using the app than physical books in the past year.

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