CardSwitcher 2.0 Released


Now there is going to be some graphic improvement to iOS multitasking. Here comes a new version CardSwitcher from iOS developer iKy1e, the creator of CardSwitcher.

This is a WebOS-like multitasking interface for iOS. The new version 1.9.9-65 (dubbed 2.0) has come with a major overhaul and in fact, not even one line of identical code to the previous version as it has been rewritten completely from scratch.

The update brings smooth-as-butter animations, iOS 5 compatibility, and extreme stability, which the older versions did lack. However it also comes with a new view dubbed live view. Live view allows applications that are not suspended by iOS to be moving around in real time while in the background and being viewed through CardSwitcher. This feature is most notable with games where the environment is always moving. Since iOS multitasking suspends most applications, live view will only pertain to the last-opened application before launching CardSwitcher.

If you use Backgrounder, which keeps iOS from suspending applications, then all of the applications in the background will show in live view.

Cardflow multitasking as been removed. Cardflow should not be confused with card view to make way for a new type of graphical interface called the grid.

CardSwitcher works with any iOS 4 or iOS 5 iDevice including the iPad.In near future, drop shadows for the applications will be introduced for CardWitcher which would give it more depth in appearance and new multitasking interface types. This is a great multitasking tweak!

Name: CardSwitcher
Price: $1.99
Version: 1.9.9-65
Requirements: iOS 4+
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: iKy1e
Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

Source: Modmyi

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