CarPlay in iOS-12 now in Google Maps

With version 5.0 out now on App Store of Apple, features to name Google Maps releases just yesterday enabling third-party maps for iOS-12.

Hence, Waze also brings CarPlay support has an upcoming update where Apple infotainment features only with the support of Apple Maps with the data from the iPhone with newer cars within the built-in screen.

Thus, CarPlay lacks the voice control, Siri,  within the Google Maps app with Google-powered voice search. Hence, the navigation app works well with Google account, saved with addresses like work and home.

Most importantly, drivers who activate Google Maps for CarPlay in the iPhone where users opt for safely using Google’s navigation app in the car. Thus, Apple Maps does not provide the best data for a given location. Hence the customers choices with mapping data where the CarPlay is the one which is great to see.