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Apple and Microsoft are Just Amazing ‘Two-Trick Ponies’

Microsoft’s former CEO, Steve Ballmer during a talk at the Oxford Union reckoned Apple and Microsoft as amazing ‘Two-trick’ ponies, according to Geekwire. In Steve Ballmer’s words, After inventing the modern PC, Ballmer said Microsoft’s second trick was working with IBM and figuring out how to incorporate microprocessors into the way businesses
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Declining Sales At Apple Retail Stores


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The much acclaimed sales volume of Apple’s retail kingdom have started to show a decrease as the company’s supply chain expands and the total number of distributors increase. This phenomena is being contemplated as the maturity of product lines currently sold by Apple. According to a new report, the retail outlets continue to render profits and attract mac shoppers everyday. The numbers for the Same store sales indicate a decline of 5% in March after a bounce of 3% in December, data collected by analyst Needham Charlie Wolf. Wolf shared the figures this morning for the investors.

The heart of the problem, as Wolf explains is due to a lack of major new product introductions which traditionally drive consumers into Apple stores. For instance, iPhone which is a highly sellable product for Apple is distributed and sold through multiple channels which evidently reduce Apple Store crowd.

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Mommy Child Wearable, Life Made Easy


A wild child, a daring child, an adventurous child, any or all of the three childs can be taken care by Tinitell. This utilitarian GPS tracker for children will take away considerable amount of a mom’s stress and save her from the running around in every few minutes. Tinitell will allow you to communicate with your child in a new way. The device is a wearable phone and a GPS tracker for kids. The functionality of Tinitell is engineered in the form of a wristband for kids.

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Wearble Technology Improves Employee Productivity And Job Satisfaction

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The finding of a new research says wearable technology can have a positive impact on employee productivity and job satisfaction. The research report, titled The Human Cloud at Work (HCAW) A Study Into the Impact of Wearable Technologies In The Workplace, states that wearable technology has various benefits and can improve an employee’s productivity. The Human Cloud at Work is an experimental is an experimental design research collaboration between the Institute of Management of Studies (IMS) at Goldsmiths, University of London and Rackspace [pdf].

Wearable technology is arguably the biggest trend since tablet computing so it’s natural that employees and businesses will look to use these devices in the workplace. Our initial findings suggest that there is benefit to be gained from doing so alongside risks and opportunities that need to be proactively addressed

says, Dr. Brauer.

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Make Your Raspberry Pi Look Like Apple II


Raspberry Pi is a tiny low cost computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. When you order one for yourself, the shipped Raspberry Pi arrives in a plastic case which can be boring to look at after sometime, once you plug it to a large screen TV a bright Raspberry appears.

We have a vintage option which one will love it. Popularly known as Apple II Raspberry cases, these are being sold by Charles Mangin for $115. The case comes in various varieties which includes the first Apple II, the IIe and the Platinum IIe.

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Jury Verdict: Samsung to Pay $119,625,000 to Apple

The jury today announced a unanimous verdict in the second Apple vs. Samsung trial. After carrying out several deliberations they came to a conclusion on Samsung’s infringement on three out of five patents explained in the lawsuit. As per the verdict, Samsung is required to pay $119.6 million instead of $2 billion which was the original amount claimed by Apple.

The infringed patents are ‘647 syncing patent and ‘721 slide to unlock, and the non infringed patents are ‘959 universal search, ‘414 background syncing and ‘172 autocomplete patent.

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Fundawear Garments: Couples Can Physically Tickle and Tantalize Using iPhone


Wearable Experiments, a socially driven wearable technology company have updated their famous digital magazine for the iPad, The Unlimited Mag-Sex Sells. The update comes with design enhancements and bug fixes. Since inception, their focus has been on approaching wearable technology from a design perspective, in every way possible. The content of this digital print draws in a lot of appreciation and is youthful and energetic.

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Taking a Selfie Can Be Hurtful

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Next time you are trying to capture the perfect selfie for yourself, be careful because selfies are no more permitted with animals, animals are anti-selfie. A 17-year old Brian Genest from Florida went on a trail to enjoy greenery

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After All Everyone Isn’t Paul Miller

This looks funny but later I realised the fact that any kind of effort, attempts taken to actually be away from your phone is hard, its like being harsh on yourself. But, this holds true when its not just a phone, should be an iPhone to be able to that.
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Explore Your Feminine Side With These Inviting Wearables


The next generation of wearables show a strong fashion sense and are equipped with features which make a woman feel carefree and at times empowered. With iWatch gathering the much accepted hype we thought of exploring feminine Wearables and combining all into one. These wearables will surely evoke you to buy one for yourself.

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