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Enjoy Sweets And Foster Calories With CooCoo Planet [Review]


Simulation games are actually sweet, lovable, you fall in love with this whole cycle of producing and reaping. Its a perpetual rhythm of sowing, harvesting and savoring the growth. There’s more to it, more than being just a Simulation. As a player, I was so intrigued and fascinated by FarmVille that I wrote about an engrossment phenomena which I had been through. It was a sticky phenomena and I only visualized crops, home farm, decorations and everything possible required to fabricate the perfect farm. It was indeed a charming experience. While you are undergoing a relentless journey of copying activities from ‘real life’ into the game, you learn a lot of planning and organizing skills, appears nonfictional at times. Perhaps there are failures in this category, hundreds of game make a promising entry and end up with an unhappy exit.

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Unlock An Adventurous Journey And Subjugate The Monsters With SEED 4 [Review]

Massive Multiplayer Online role playing games (MMORPG) as a genre usually creates curiosity and raises expectations every time you play a new MMORPG driven game. Despite of the fact that there is a predetermined criterion which constitutes MMORPG, yet a user before playing a MMORPG expects newness. Looking from a developer’s perspective, there remains a massive challenge in capturing the complete ideology of MMORPG, A developer who is venturing into making a MMORPG has to beat the existing competition in order to make the game rise up the charts. After undergoing a relentless gameplay cycle of the well-known MMORPG Seed 4, I can insist that the developers have put in a sincere effort behind development of this game and it does absolute justice to the MMORPG category of games.

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Framing the right words with Quint [Review]

Few days back we reviewed Diveland, a two-dimensional world game created to render a rich three dimensional world experience. The developers of Diveland, Andrea and Steve Bourne have come up with yet another simple yet challenging game Quint, which is a classic tile based word game, centered on the idea of making 5-letter words. Fundamentally, in a tile based game tiles are the elements of play. In a tile based game, tiles either create multiple possibilities for the board layout or allow changes in the overall board geometry during play. Quint’s foundation is on the former presumption which means, with the help of tiles multiple possibilities can be created using your intellect to generate meaningful words. The game becomes really addictive as it proceeds.

Item not available.
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Yet Another Pilo’s 3D Journey for Your Child – And It’s Cooking Time!

mzl.wibqifyr.320x480-75 Arcreative’s multi award winning Story Pilo2 is now followed by it’s latest and equally well received Story Pilo3 Pilo stories have been noticed to keep children hooked around one theme in a Story. This time the theme is Cooking!

Pilo games concentrate on getting your kid to bed at night with a smile on their face.
The Story is filled with 6 main themes where you take a journey with Pilo, the character along with whom you wander around. You can choose to be a Boy (Tommy) or a Girl (Sunny)

As usual, Pilo has pretty unique buddies. And there are different story scenes that move on along with your child’s participation. Scenes you would find include ‘Cooking food together’  ‘Celebrating together with a Special Birthday Cake’  ‘Cutting fruit’ and other such scenes over which all the characters come together.

This could come in handy in building some interest in your child to have fun helping you around in the kitchen and while having meals together!

Most of the  scenes are quite interactive and build an interest to move ahead.


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Introduce Your Child to the Award Winning – Pilo’s 3D Journey

With the growing attraction for Interactive Stories on iPads, there is surely an abundance of it for your child. Lets take a glimpse into Arcreative’s multi award winning Story Pilo2
The Story is filled with 6 main themes where you take a journey with Pilo, the character along with whom you wander around. You can choose to be a Boy or a Girl.

Pilo has pretty unique buddies around a musical fairy land. This could be a great Story to fill your child with the charm of music and see him/her dance with them in all joy.The scenes are quite interactive and build an interest to move ahead.


Here’s a list of all the scenes:

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Wipe Wipe Wipe! Swiping it with Toppin’ Wiper

I’m sure kids would be a lot happier to clear mess if only wiping was this much fun. Toppin’ Wiper is a game where you are in charge of handling angry customers who don’t like your donuts. These angry customers throw donuts on your wall and all you have to keep doing is wipe them with the swipe of your finger. If you wipe them fast enough, you can maintain the five star rating of your restaurant. If you take time, it will leave stains which in turn takes away your stars. If you lose all your stars, you lose! Nothing complicated.

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Taking the Slots Journey [Review]

If spinning and winning is your way to go then this can really do it for you. Slots Journey by FishSticks Games has brought an abundance of machines and environments to play in. And it’s free. The music goes well with the ambiance so I suggest you keep it on.

The Game
There are bunches of levels placed in different places around the world. So basically you will get to see the respective environment and feel of those places as you continue with your spinning frenzy.

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Guess the Picture: First Sight [Review]

First Sight by Cazooie is a picture guessing game that you can play with your friends, random people or by yourself. It has six levels of difficulty depending on the number of tiles present. This two-player game starts by players taking turns to select squares that will reveal parts of the hidden picture. The first player to solve four pictures correctly is made the winner. New images are added daily to the collection and a good feature is you can add your own images too, which will be added to the library after it receives approval from the Cazooie quality control.

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Monitoring smartphones with Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy, a mobile monitoring software, has some extensive solutions to help you out with all your legitimate curiosities. You’ve provided for a number of phones to your employees but you wonder if they are getting any work done at all? Or you wish to fulfill your child’s desire but you’re afraid to hand out that gadget? MobileSpy provides an in-depth tracking service which helps you to monitor your phone from anywhere. All you’ll need is the Internet.

I’ll tell you about the process involved in setting this up with your phone. Before which I’ll give you a quick view of it’s monitoring capabilities.
Monitor – Messages, logs, photos, videos, social networking logs like Facebook or Whatsapp, mails, apps installed, iMessages, websites visited, Youtube videos watched, location, contacts and calendar entries.

After you install Mobile Spy onto your phone, it starts at every boot of your phone and stays invisible thereafter. Mobile Spy allows you to monitor 3 devices with one subscription.

Create Account:
To start with the actual monitoring

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ChatON – An Expressive Messenger Indeed!

Social networking has become serious business and messengers are continuing to please people all over the world. So every now and then you get to see additions to the market. But the ones which stick around have one thing in common. Luring features combined with smart and easy usability.
I have spent two weeks with a messenger and the conclusion is it has totally spoiled me.
ChatON, a messenger by Samsung Electronics CO.LTD. falls in a new class of social networking messengers. I’m here to tell you what’s in it.

I know I should take you through its features in a logical order but I am compelled to open with what makes this messenger shine in it’s glory. I heard this app has more features than a normal messenger and so naturally I was first looking for what it has that my current one doesn’t. A freehand drawing board! If you are a person who is filled with much more than words then this one will be a joy ride.
I’m on my way to meet a friend. My hair is a big mess  and I wish to send a warning before she see it in 3D. Well, it’s either that or one of my tricks to further my career as an artist. All tools on your palette are great. There are great backgrounds and fun stickers you can paste on your drawing. Once you’re done you can send it instantly. Now here’s the best part: If you choose to send it in the animated form, it will send a fast clip on the way you drew it. That’s brilliant!

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