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Recently, New York Times (NYT) had conducted an expose, accusing Foxconn of making workers in its factories in China working in inhuman conditions. The blame was pinned on Apple’s supply chain in China and government subsidized factories. This news did not gain much attention, probably due to China’s “Iron Curtain” but the report from NYT drew the attention of many people to this news.

One of the key sources of NYT was Li Mingqi, a former manager at Foxconn. Mingqi is filing a lawsuit against Apple after his employment with Foxconn was terminated due to his refusal to relocate to Chengdu. He also gave NYT, a scoop about the death of a worker Lai Xiaodong in an explosion that took place in the Chengdu factory of Foxconn.

Apple CEO Tim Cook responded to the news report by saying that Apple cared about all of its employees across the world, whether in retail or in manufacturing.

You must be wondering why former manager of Foxconn is suing Apple and what is the relation between Foxconn and Apple. You are not the only one. CBS TV News channel is also concerned about that. Formerly known as Columbia Broadcasting System, CBS is sure that Apple’s relation with Foxconn must be deep and important because in Brazil, Foxconn is supposed to start the production of iPad in near future.

The expose from NYT and response from Tim Cook raise the question that media is focusing on Apple and not questioning any of the other electronics companies that manufacture with Foxconn in China?

This is because of the money, brand, prestige that Apple has in the world of technology. News related to Apple grabs eyeballs and attention. However, despite such news reports, Apple would not shut down its production units in China as the cheap labor from China is what attracts companies like Apple to China.

Source: 9 TO 5 Mac

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