Ceaseless Charm: Crème de la crème

The never ending magic of iPad hypnotizes all. It has been recently adopted by the School of Medicine at Stanford University welcoming all first year medical students and students up for their masters too.

Some of the reasons cited by the school behind this innovative idea includes students readiness towards the iPad, the creation of opportunities for an efficient and innovative learning by the iPad. The flexibility of iPad’s technology which allows students to view course content electronically, advance preparation as well as jotting down class notes in a highly portable, sharable and a searchable format.

The school is also in consideration to access information and “information literacy”, where students will be able to easily access high quality information at any pace and at any time.

Stanford and Apple have a long history of interaction and without any mention about Steve
Jobs invited and addressed the university students for a commencement address in 2005. Later Stanford doctors later treated Jobs through his battle of pancreatic cancer. So, all thumbs up for those lucky Stanford students with such a grand iPad welcome at the university.

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