Celebs, Corporate Honchos and Former US President attend the funeral of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

When an legend dies, everybody in the world wishes to pay tribute to him. That includes current legends and future legends as well. The death of a legend does not end his story. Even the cause of his death and his funeral become stories to be told for generations.

This is what happened at the funeral of Steve Jobs. Various politicians, celebrities and corporate industrialists attended the funeral of Apple Inc co-founder.

Some of the important attendees at the funeral of Steve Jobs were Larry Page (Google CEO), Bill Clinton (Former US President), Al Gore (Former Vice President), Tim Allan (Hollywood Actor), Bill Gates (Microsoft CEO),Bono (Lead Singer of U2), Michael Dell (Dell CEO) and Rupert Murdoch (News Corp CEO).

World saw the dawn of an era because of the vision that Steve Jobs had. The intellect and genius of Steve Jobs would always be missed and the revolution similar to the revolution that Apple brought in Microsoft dominated world would be seen again when someone as great as Steve Jobs ushers that techno-revolution.

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Source: Apple Insider

2 Replies to “Celebs, Corporate Honchos and Former US President attend the funeral of Steve Jobs”

  1. You mean IBM-dominated world (round 1, 1978)?
    That was a revolution (which Microsoft piggy-backed on), for sure.
    The current growth (round 2) isn’t really on Microsoft’s turf.

    They’re both down to Steve’s visionary double-act,
    before he graciously took a bow and disappeared – wow

  2. Greetings Mr. Barnett! Thank you for reading my article. Thanks for the comment as well. What I meant was that Steve Jobs launched Apple computers in an era when majority people were buying Microsoft computers and to many, a computer meant Microsoft computer. The profits of Apple proved that Steve Jobs worked hard to make people choose Apple over Microsoft. That is what I meant.

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