Changes In The Mountain Lion Developer Preview

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

By now, you would have heard about the biggest features of the new OS X, Mountain Lion. This is going to be the advanced version of Mac OS X Lion.

Apple is implementing some popular iOS features like Notifications, Game Center, and Reminders on the desktop OS. However, unless you are actually familiar with OS (which would mean you are a developer with access to the beta), you might not new aware of other little updates, smaller features that can make a big difference overall, but have not received much attention so far.

GigaOm has found some of these little features, and written them for everyone to read. List of apps installed in the device is not going to be the only thing that would make Mac OS resemble iOS. Finder file transfers now show off an iOS-style progress bar, and toolbars that are simple and more tactile. A lot of the button looks have been borrowed from Apple’s official iOS applications. Some other new features include Safari tabs simply splitting the distance on their bar instead of squeezed into one corner. The updates in System Preferences include options for screen savers.

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Source: TUAW

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