An Easy Method To Check If Your Mac Has the FlashBack Trojan

Flashback Checker for Mac

Recently, FlashBack Trojan for Mac OS X has been causing a lot of panic among Mac users. People have been wondering whether or not their Macs have contracted it.

There are some simple Terminal commands to follow if you want to check whether your Mac has it or not. However if you simply cannot understand how to use Terminal or you do not want to risk a typo that could damage your system, then you can use a free alternative.

It is an application written to be a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for doing the same thing the Terminal would do if you were entering the commands for seeing whether or not your Mac has the FlashBack trojan. With this simple interface, you click a button and the application tells you if you are infected with the FlashBack trojan or not. The application is free for Mac. It can be downloaded here.

To run the application after downloading it, you need to double-click on the zipped folder that you downloaded to extract its contents and then double-click on the application file that appears. This is the application that will look to see if you are infected or not. If you do not have the trojan on your computer, “No Signs of infection were found” will be displayed in the information box. If it displays anything else, your Mac could be at risk. This free application cannot remove the FlashBack trojan. It can only let you know if you have it or not.

If you do not have the trojan, then make sure you go to Apple logo at the top bar of your screen and click Software Update to ensure you have the latest Java patch installed. This will help safe-guard you from being able to get infected by the FlashBack trojan as Apple released two Java updates in the late couple of weeks addressing the vulnerability.

Additionally, you can download a free Anti-Virus application to better protect yourself against threats. Sophos is an example of such application. It is free and reliable.

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