Check if Your iPhone is Tethered, Unlockable with F0recast

For those who are new to iPhone jailbreaking, it is not uncommon you will have the following questions in your mind:

Can my iPhone 3GS be unlocked?

What tool should I use to unlock my iPhone? blacksn0w or ultrasn0w?

What’s the bootloader version of my iPhone?

How can I know if my iPhone is tethered or untethered jailbreak?
With various jailbreaking tools and firmware available, the developers from have come up with a great tool called f0recast that helps answer the above jailbreaking-related questions.

F0recast is a free tool that will check your iPhone and iPod touch to determine whether it is tethered, or unlockable (for iPhone only). The tool also show your iPhone’s serial number, boot loader version and model. If your iPhone is unlockable, F0recast also advises the corresponding unlock tool (e.g. blacksn0w).

The tool only works on Microsoft Windows and requires to have .NET framework 2.0, as well as, iTunes 9.0 (or up) installed. To use the tool, simply launch it and connect your iPhone via USB. The F0recast app instantly shows you the jailbreaking-related info.

I\To download, you can check out F0recast at

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